History of Wolfschlugen

Wolfschlugen is a town in the district of Esslingen in Baden-Württemberg  in southern Germany near the Swabian Alb.

Wolfschlugen was mentioned for the first time at 2 April 1318. A man named Benz from Kirchheim sold some products of his farm in Wolfschlugen. But people settled there before, therefore evidence are remains of an old Latin estate in a forest nearby Wolfschlugen.


  • 1380 the town became official by a declaration of Eberhard II, Count of Württemberg.
  • 1603 the Protestant church became reconstructed and obtained his actual form which can be seen today.
  • 1608/09 construction of the town hall by Michel Knell and Jerg Mercklin.
  • 1776 construction of the first school.
  • 1866 foundation of the fire department.
  • 1899 first telegraph office.
  • 1903 foundation of the music society.
  • 1906 first telephone connection.
  • 1914 first electrical lights on the streets.
  • 1938 Wolfschlugen became member of the district of Nürtingen.
  • 1970 dedication of the festival hall and the sports field.
  • 1973 in case of the liquidation of the district of Nürtingen the town became member of the district of Esslingen.
  • 1993 dedication of the new sports hall.


Source: Statistisches Bundesamt